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A companion, comrade or ally

True to our name, Rafiki is a customer-centric marketing company, striving to build long-lasting partnerships with growth-oriented brands. We combine our deep analytical thinking and creative mindset to deliver innovative marketing campaigns that resonate with a well-defined target audience. At Rafiki, we foster a culture of learning, innovating and risk-taking, this agility enables our team of passionate marketers, innovators, and strategists to craft creative marketing solutions that achieve spectacular results.


Arjun Sawhney and Sunaina Basu began their quest to redefine what successful marketing looked like in 2018 when they founded RAFIKI. The founders bring together an insatiable passion for marketing along with over 4 years of experience in digital marketing and business development around the world. We are excited to start a dialogue, learn about you and your business and create marketing magic together.

Our Founders

Arjun Sawhney


Arjun serves as Rafiki’s head of Strategy and SEO. He is passionate about developing ideas and marketing campaigns that stick in consumers’ minds. Arjun studied Marketing and Entrepreneurship at Babson College in Boston. He has over three years of experience working in marketing and business development roles at leading oil & gas companies in Dubai and Mumbai. Arjun specialises in Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing. You can find his take on all things marketing-related on his highly underrated twitter account.


Sunaina Basu


Sunaina serves as Rafiki’s head of Paid Advertising and Analytics. She is a firm believer in using data to drive business decisions and is on a constant quest to optimize clients’ marketing campaigns. Sunaina studied at Tufts University & graduated with a BSc in Psychology. She has worked in the marketing industry for over 4 years in the US & India with a focus on strategic performance marketing for both B2B & B2C clients. She teaches a Search Engine Marketing class at the Indian Institute of Digital Education on the weekends. You can catch her checking out Bombay’s best food on the weekends for her food blog.

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