Content Marketing


Content marketing is a strategic marketing process focused on creating and distributing valuable and relevant
content to attract and retain a defined audience, and ultimately, to drive positive customer action.


At Rafiki, we follow a structured approach to Content Marketing that ensures smooth workflows and delivery of
highly effective content.






Content Creation


Our team is focused on creating content, be it blog posts, infographics or videos that both educates and
entertains our target audience. We harness the power of Search Engine Optimization through our in-depth
keyword research to optimize content for relevant keywords that consumers are searching for.


Our customer-centric approach to content creation ensures we produce high-quality content that resonates
with our end audience.


The factors we consider when creating content :-

Buyers Personas

Keyword Research

Content Engagement


Competitor Analysis

Content Promotion


Content promotion is the distribution of content through a variety of media channels. We ensure to leverage
the right promotion channels to connect with new audiences and prospects for our clients. Effective content
promotion enables us to deliver our client’s message to the most relevant audience.


Content Promotion Channels:-


E-mail Marketing
Social Media
Influencer networks


Demo content

Social Media Ads
Search Engine Ads

Demo content

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