Pay-Per-Click Advertising


Paid advertising provides a great opportunity to effectively reach your target audience and measure the return
on investment for your marketing efforts. As consumers grow tired of the numerous advertisements they see – it is
vital to show ads that are hyper-relevant to your target audience. RAFIKI specializes in pay-per-click marketing
across the following channels and ad networks

Google Ads








At RAFIKI, the Paid Advertising campaigns we create always take into account the goal of your marketing
campaign as well as the needs of your potential customers. We carry out in-depth customer evaluation
and targeting research exercises, before creating our campaigns. Beyond campaign creation, we utilize
the valuable data collected through our paid advertising efforts to optimize and analyze our clients’ daily
performance, ensuring your money is being spent in the most cost-effective manner.

Rafiki offers the following services for Paid Ads :-



Ad Creation

Landing Page &

Website Optimization



Daily Optimization

& Management

Measuring Return

On Investment

Rafiki’s Paid Advertising Process


Targeting Research

Rafiki Conducts
In-depth research for
each paid channel to
find the best targeting
for your business.
e.g keyword research


Ad Creation

Rafiki uses competitive
research & industry best
practices to create high
quality & relevant ads.


Website Optimization

At Rafiki, we understand
the importance of
landing pages. Landing
pages and websites are
optimized keeping your
customer’s experience
in mind.


Conversion Tracking

Rafiki believes in
tracking every action.
The required code is
implemented & actions
are tracked.


Campaign Launch

After we confirm that
all items on the launch
checklist are ready to
go. We launch the


Monitor & Optimize

Rafiki monitors all
campaigns daily. We are
always finding ways to
optimize and enhance
our campaigns.

All paid advertising specialists at Rafiki are certified in Google, Facebook & LinkedIn Advertising

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